Duke Patient Safety Center:

Training, Research and Implementation for Patient Safety and Quality

Duke Patient Safety Center Mission:

To help individuals, clinical areas, hospitals, ambulatory centers and others who want to improve quality and patient safety. We aim to:

  1. Spread best practices inside and outside Duke University Health System
  2. Generate new knowledge
  3. Bring joy back to work

We work to develop and support quality and safety related roles, committees, training, tools, research, strategies, data and other resources through our interdisciplinary team. We strive to balance the clinical, administrative, psychological, spiritual and service needs of our organization, our frontline workers and the patients that we serve.


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Calendar of Courses: For additional information or to request dates and times of training, please call 919-257-3376 or email christen.fullwood@duke.edu

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What participants said in the past year about trainings given by the Duke Patient Safety Center:

"Excellent content. These are the questions that I have been trying to answer for most of my career. Where were you 10 years ago? Every RCA I’ve done in the last few years has come down to the question of why folks didn't have their voice heard. I've searched for the answers for years & now I finally understand. Thanks!"

"This was well worth the time and travel. I feel I learned useful tools & better ways to present data to engage staff in a non-threatening manner. Bryan was very engaging, energetic and paced the course very well. Thank you!"

"I loved it! It was very complimentary to my previous pt safety training - took current knowledge to another level."

"Learning how to use data more effectively was the best part, followed by learning how to use the toolbox, and how safety tools/behaviors contribute to work-life balance and joy at work."

"Learning about the toolbox, executive engagement in quality, psychological safety, and burnout was fantastic."

"Being together with bright, like minded individuals, learning from them as well as amazing instructors with incredible expertise and perspective."

On-line Resources:

Building Resilience in our Care Teams Duke Grand Rounds
To view the recording, go to:

Dr. Bryan Sexton- Safety As A System Update for Texas Childrens Hospital-

Dr. J. Bryan Sexton- Safety As a System (Spanish Version)-

Safety Culture Debriefing at Duke University Health System
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Safety As a System Video
screenshot of video
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Duke Guide to Interpretation of SCORE & SCORE Tool
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SCORE Technical Report
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The pdf version of the TeamSTEPPS Pocket guide is available for free here:

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For resources that go beyond our training and research programs, please check out couching and counseling services at The Sotile Center for Resilience at www.sotile.com or (336) 794-0230 and the Duke Personal Assistance Program at http://www.hr.duke.edu/pas.